User Guide

SAM Animation User Guide

Download full PDF

We have compiled a comprehensive PDF user guide on the SAM Animation software and animation best practices.

For best practices specific to the classroom, review our Classroom Guide here.

If you have a specific software questions, you can download the section of the guide related to your question below:

  1. Installation – Steps to download and install the software for both Mac and PC users.
  2. First Animation – How to create your first animation.
  3. Function Tabs and Tips – Overview of the 4 tabs in SAM Animation and their functions.
  4. Preferences and Onionskinning – How to customize your preferences and use onionskinning.
  5. Importing – How to import images, videos, and audio files.
  6. Supported Files – Overview of file types supported by SAM Animation
  7. Editing Frames – How to edit each pictures
  8. Export and Share – Guidelines on exporting and sharing your animation.
  9. Troubleshooting – General toubleshooting guide, including webcam recognition.